Zumi Z-Tech Auto Flush

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  • Suitable for the wall faced toilet suite with flush button rods
  • Feet kick flushing
  • DIY Position of the Sensor
  • Sensor Auto Flushing
  • Batteries operation
Introducing the new generation of Zumi Z-Tech Auto Flushing device. With a quick and easy installation, you only need to take the cistern lid off, take off the rods on the button and install the pneumatic rod. The rod may need to be cutdown to ensure it is the same length as the original ones. Once this is complete, plug in the silicon hose on the pneumatic rod, install 4 x AAA batteries on the main device and then plug in the silicon hose from the rods. Install the bracket on the device and hook onto the cistern. Then return the cistern lid back onto the cistern. Installation is now complete.

The sensor can be installed in different positions around the toilet suite to give you the flexibility of utilising the auto flushing feature in addition to the standard manual flushing function. Auto flushing will be activated when the user leaves the sensor area. It is recommended that the sensor button is installed at the base on the front of the pan or in-front of the cistern where auto flushing can be activated once the toilet seat is in the closed position. The sensor can be installed anywhere in the bathroom to activate auto flushing.